There She Goes(alternate version)

Ohhhhh there she goes,
into the river under the water
There she goes,
and the sun is going down,
The parts of her and every woman,
she wasn't worth that much to me,
I cared about her, but she didn't care very much for me.
a song, a story, a book about,
my girlfriend told me all about the bumpy murders and stuff like that,
but that's a tragic story.
There she goes
There she goes
There she goes
There she goes now
Let's see if this works out.
Oh yeah where was she,
There she goes.
Debauchery, and abagaile, are falling on their knees
and I tried to make it all better, but it just didn't work out,
God where have you been all
my life,
I have been trying to make it all right,
but life keeps coming down on me,
down on me.
oh There she goes,
There she goes now
there she goes,
there she goes now,
oh jeez,
Well yeah I go in circles,
oh I am going mad,
Chaos rings in the air,
but I haven't tried,
it can only get better after this,
it can only get bettter after this.
Ohhh ohhh ohhhh ohhhh.

Words and music by Michael D'Orazio