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(7/16/06)I walked into the Square Bar to inquire about gigs and shows, and playing solo acoustic music. The bar is owned by Leonard. I am not sure of his last name. He asked me how much I wanted for the gig, and I told him half of what he thought I wanted. I was still new so I figured I will do it for cheap just until I get some confidence doing a show on my own. I told him I would do flyers for the show, and I would send him some. After I made them up, I dropped them off, and the bartender looked at me like he saw a ghost. Two days before the show I called up the owner, and I asked him if the flyers we're too harsh. He said that they we're and he made up new ones. He said that families come in, and he didn't want kids to see it. He also asked me if I was going to come in "Drag". I was slightly put off by this, and I told him, "Not that nite, but maybe another". He laughed, but I was still a little bit annoyed.

When it came time for the show, I set up and prepared for the worst. I was aware that the people there were not really listening to the music, and I wasn't exactly playing the most popular covers, so I puttsed around doing different stuff. Finally I broke down, and started to do covers of classic rock. Some guy in the crowd heckled me, about doing Ziggy Stardust. What got me was the owner's son came up to me, and asked me to stop playing until the game was over. I said,"Should I just pack it up?" He said if I waited I could start playing again. So I badgered the waitress about what I should do. The owner's son came and said I could go if I wanted, so I asked him for the money, and he gave me ten bucks more than what I asked for. That was sort of nice, so that is that. I may go back there when I made most of my mistakes.

(8/13/06)About my show at the Great American Pub in Collegeville last nite: I was on my fifth song, and the manager comes up to me as I was about to play the Ramones, and he told me that I should pack it up and leave. I admit I was rusty on the first two songs, cause my voice, and my fingers had to warm up. But the last three we're pretty well done, and I thought the sound was great. I asked him what was the problem, and he said no one was clapping, and I didn't bring anybody in. I am not sure if he mentioned that the stuff I was playing was popular. I played Like a Rolling Stone, Personal Jesus, All tomorrow's parties(too obscure for that place), All apologies, Ziggy Stardust, and Jane Says.

A couple who we're listening to me, asked me if he told me to leave, and said that they liked me, and that the guy was rude. The bartender paid me my money, and also said that it was rude. Well I hardly did anything and I made 100 bucks. That is the bright side. The problem is these people that go there are the poppy types, and that they probably took one look at me, and decided I was not for them. Maybe they paid me to just shut me up.

Two friends showed up on time, and then, two more came as I was leaving. There was two more on the way, but oh well. We all went to another bar to hang out, and gab. At least I introduced people to people. What I have to do is find a proper venue for what I wanna do.

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