Places you might find my artwork, and music.

Chaplin's Music Cafe:

Located in Spring City, Royersford. This is where I play my open mics, and hang some of my artwork at. This place has great sound, and a nice atmosphere. I have had a lot of positive experiences getting involved with the music scene here. You might find me there on Sunday nights for their open mic. I usually go on about 8:30, or so. Depends if I make it in time for sign ups.

Steel City Coffee House:

This is another coffee house located in Pheonixville that I frequent. Tuesday nights are good nights to come and see local musicians play. Not too crowded. Good artwork on the walls.

Chris Drennen at Youtube:

This is a friend of mine from Chaplin's Music Cafe. He takes videos of local musicians, and has a taste for metaphysics, and new age concepts. He plays some spacey guitar, and helps me out sometimes.

Mile Hill Antique and Art Shop:

3911 Ridge Pike, Collegeville, Pa. A friend of mine Steve Galie, has a dad who owns this particular antique shop. Steve keeps telling me he wants to bring events to this location concerning open mics, and art shows for local artists he is affiliated with. Good idea, we need more events around here. His dad has a few of my pieces, hopefully on the wall at this time. I need to show him more work that is mainstream, like still lifes, and cottages, and other stuff people would love to collect, and hang in their house. He doesn't like my skeletons, and other scary stuff.