Just one more kiss

To a sparkling girl, with legs of brown,
tattoos with subtlety.
And golden hair.
I speak words of longing,
to have her once again in my grasp.
Fiesty with fire,
and tongues of lightening,
I shudder at times,
for the day of reckoning is at hand.
Witch of the wind,
and fair goddess of night.
Drink wine, and shots of liquor,
Fun, and fire, merriment,
and desire.
Only I may stand in our way to bliss,
but that won't stop me from trying
to get one more kiss,
Just one more kiss from you, tonight.
Just one more kiss from you.

I let you lie there sleeping at night,
I think of how we could be,
and how they could be not.
And our time is at hand,
and I don't understand.
Where do we go from here,
Where will we be.
Just one more kiss, from you.

Words and music by Michael D'Orazio

Inspired by my relationship with a girl from Royersford, Pa.