I would like to thank all those people who made my life a living hell up to now!!!! If it wasn't for them, I would have come up with any of this stuff.

I would admit to having schizophrenia, but I am sure that the people around me who posed as my friends, tortured me to the point of breakdown. Even up to now. Life is very chaotic, when people set traps for the happy go lucky.

I am paranoid, but I know if I wasn't someone would be around the corner with a snare. So I have to watch my step. I don't think it is a conspiracy, but everyone has there own agenda. Lots of jealous people who feel that there life isn't as good, so they got to make waves. Bad kharma.

So here I am, venturing into a dark world, not knowing exactly what is ahead. I have to trust that people will walk me through it, without throwing me off a ditch.

As the story goes, I was not allowed to coexist with my fellow human beings, for some reason I was ousted, cause of something peculiar. I spend most of my early years trying to make some connection between me, and them. I realize we live in a hostile enviroment. We are controlled, and manipulated by a specific breed of person. They don't talk about it openly. If you are a target then you will be ostracized first, then ignored. Social death.

What they don't understand is when someone is neglected in society, they die. But then they are reborn with a keen intellect and spirit. They become artists, or great thinkers.

We live in an old world. We are ruled by narrow minded hypocrites, who have been basking in the sun for much too long to realize, that there time is up. It is time to change hands. Power shift. The meek shall inherit the earth, and so forth.

An excerpt from an early Trixie work...

"---She comes to us in our dreams, from the sky. Riding on a white beam of light, with a mischievous grin. Her lips reveal the secrets we so much want to hear, and to know. That which was lost in the natural understanding of the universe. Through a whisper, through a wave of her hand, it is all revealed.

---While you were sitting there so long, while the buzzards circled above, while time hung heavy on your shoulders, does she ride on the crest of a wave. She will wash it all away. Hope lies ahead. Love walks hand, and hand with all of us.

---So sad we sit alone in a crowd. So sad through those dark times we trudge along the wasteland by ourselves.To discover what? That we are divided amongst the others. Locked away from seeing what is real, and magical!

---Shedding what skin you had left behind. There is a fire that burns inside. There is a sun that shines.

---And here she comes, in a hush, a sparkle. She will lift you from those ditches of despair. She'll be there when no has been. When the buzzards recognized you.

---From an endless stream of thought she is created. From a hum, from a smile. The softness of her cheeks may have you reconciled. But don't be fooled, for the wickedness trapped inside the memory of all of our lives grows like a weed. And she has the knife to cut it out like the cancer that it is!

Deep into the azure sky, deep into the endless bottom of the ocean does imagination take flight. Where there is dark, let the sparks of your mind release you. Let the bats turn to doves. Let your thoughts dance. Lose yourself, or whatever spirit that binds you. Forget about that which ails you. We are always all so free!"