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Michael D'Orazio's "Sign of the Times" cd. Created during the winter of 2008.

-----Dark and gloomy this was the last basement recording I did. Producing classic songs like "Eclipse", and "Sign of the Times", which we're essential on my stage performances. This might be the last string of recordings I might create using an analog tape deck, but I am not sure. Great listening for the halloween season, and the darker months of the year. Very adventurous.
  • 1. Transworld Siren
  • 2. I See you Tonight(Version 2)
  • 3. Just one more Kiss
  • 4. Eclipse
  • 5. Street Sounds
  • 6. La, la, la
  • 7. Sign of the Times Live
  • 8. Eclipse Live
  • 9. Car Crash Live
  • 10. I See You Tonight (Reprise)

    "Trixie, the Schizophrenic Girl", comics from 2006-2007

    "Trixie, the Schizophrenic Girl", is a collection of stories that I started in 2006. It is also a story of rock-n-roll, and personal strife.


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  • Events:

    -----I will be selling my artwork, and books at the Phoenixville High School Art Fair on Saturday, November 21st, from 9:30 to 5:00pm. Get framed prints and artwork for a limited time only. Be there or be square!!!


    Happy Halloween, and a happy Samhain!!!

    Michael performing "The Gate", by his old band "The Burning".

    "Street Sounds"

    "School Portfolio". Work done from 1989-1998

    -----This book is a collection of the work that I did in school, during 1989-1998. It has a wide variety of styles and concepts.


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    Book of the Month

    Buy my children's book "The Monster who wouldn't leave!!!...All about a little boy who is bothered by a monster, and has to take back his life!!

    -----Written in 1999, I started the illustrations during that time only to not know how to render the final project. It was resumed, and completed in Sept. 2009.


    Buy it at Lulu.com,or my other books at Amazon.com

    "Freak'in Out", a collection of comics from 1998-2001!!

    ----If you see me in person it comes with a free cd of the song "Freak'in Out", enclosed in the book. It was a song I did in the early nineties about toking it up and riding around getting into adventures.


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    Michael D'Orazio Live at Chaplin's 07-03-09

    -----I don't do that many shows, but when I do I try to put as much of myself as I can into the performance. The cd is well mastered, and the sound quality is superb. A good example of my work is like on stage.
  • 1. The Gate
  • 2. I See you Tonight
  • 3. There She Goes
  • 4. Medley: Falling from Grace, La, la, la, and Eclipse
  • 5. Just one more kiss
  • 6. Sign of the Times
  • 7. So Far Away
  • 8. Experiment gone wrong
  • 9. Alone
  • 10. Tears
  • 11. Who I Am

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