My Disclaimer for using this site(Michael D'Orazio's Gallery)

Although this site is used by adult's 18 and older, I still reserve the right to put some of my children's work on this site. Most children do not buy books, and I would say that most adults do. This site is mostly for adult readers who are interested in arts, and understand it's underlying principles which is freedom to express ideas unfettered by the critical mind. I know that there are people who do not understand art, and this idea of freedom of expression, and will interfere with the natural development of intellectuality, and will do anything to stop the processes from happening. These people of whom I talk about may pose as caring about the minds of children or whoever else might be deemed corrupted by my work. Some people due to some religions might think that experience in some things might soil or corrupt the purity of spirit, and those people who strive for experiences art are bad influences.

This site is for the "open minded", who aren't afraid to expand their ideas, and intellectuality, and still be responsible adults in the process. Although there is graphic nudity in these pictures, and some may illustrate the use of drugs, violence, or sexuality, these ideas exist in the real world, especially on TV, movies, or books you buy at the store, and are on the shelves at public libraries. I am one in a trillion that have expressed his ideas on paper, and in pictures, and after I am gone their will be a trillion more who will do the same, and suffer the resistance of the ignorant, narrow minded.


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