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Artwerx for Sale


All artwork is my black and white designs printed on clear transparency film over watercolours on illustration board. Each piece is sized and comes in an 8-1/2"x11" frame, signed, and is priced at 100. dollars a piece, and shipped in the U.S. for 10 dollars. Anywhere else is 30 dollars. You can wire the money to me at my PAYPAL account, and pay 110 dollars at MDORAZIOART@AOL.COM and specify the piece you want. (P.S. Any picture in my repertoir is available in this style. Let me know what you want, and I will accomodate you.)MORE SOON TO COME.

"Satanic Devil's"

"Sexy Clown Woman"or, "The World of Inappropriate Things"

"Whirling Girl"

"Sexy nude women"


"St. Peter's Cross"

"Crazy Faces"

"Cool Girl and Liars"

"Some black and white prints available for 35 bucks framed"

"Smoking Skull(one left)"

"Androgenous Devil"

"Evil Clown"


"Disaster Mobile"

"Dia de los muertos #2"

"Gone Fishing"

"Androgenous devil and Magic Wood 35 dollar b/w print"

"So much inventory"


"Gone fishing and Stabbing Troll

"Magic Wood" 35 dollar b/w print,(a poem by Henry Treece)



"Skeleton with Guitar(one left)

"So tell me what do liars look like"

"Deep in the Woods"

"Do you love me"---Trixie

"Spanish Guitar(one left)

"Sleep in the arms of the dragon"(red)


"Sleep in the arms of the dragon"(green)

"Sleep in the arms of the dragon"

Pick one I dare you"

"More Devils

"Sing-a-Song Clown"

"Me on a good day"

"Sing-a-Song clown" again

"I don't Agree"

"Self Portrait" two different colors

"Self Portrait" purple and green

"Magic Wood" version 1

"Sleep in the arms of the dragon" Pink clouds

"Magic Wood" version 1

"Magic Wood" version 2

Meat Beat MAnifesto(red and blue)

Meat beat manifesto (red)

Jesus and a kuniyashi design from the 1700's

"Velveteen Rabbit"

Jesus Christ by unknown artist(design from a dollart tree store

"Velveteen Rabbit"

Design by Kuniyashi

Copyright: Michael D'Orazio 2011

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